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About Us



Christianna Yachting is a family owned company which originates from our father’s great passion for sailing in Greece. This passion was nurtured onboard our first sailing yacht, on which we enjoyed our summer holidays sailing around the Greek islands and uncovering the unique beauty of the Greek polynesia with the contradicting landscapes of the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Ionian islands. To sum up, today we own a small fleet of large yachting which we offer for charter, providing our guests Top Quality, Authentic & Lasting sailing experiences as the ones we have since we were children.


How We Started

With more than 4,000 Greek islands every trip is a new exploration of the unknown beauty of the birthing place and home of the Greek Pantheon. In Christianna Yachting we offer tailor-made crewed cruises that will allow you to Discover the heavenly sceneries of the Greek islands that even HD cameras cannot depict, Swim in crystal blue waters, Feel the warmth of the sun and Sleep under the stars in sheltered bays that make you feel that you are actually living in a Dream.

We don’t only offer pristinely maintained luxurious yachting, but also a crew that will guide you through the history of every island you visit, will show you places that remain untouched and will share with you our Greek Way of Living which is always growing with the new discoveries of every new adventure you have.

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Commitment to our guests

As we always consider our guests as the most valuable part of our our Company, since 2020 we became CERTIFIED PARTNERS of IBCS-Anchored as we have successfully fulfilled the International Bareboat Operators’ standards for bareboat charter as per ISO 20410. On that way we like to ensure our guests that in our Company we consider International Standards as the absolute Minimum of our way of work.